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Xiamen Forthwill Architectural Co.,Ltd. is a leading solar mounting products supplier, specialized in developing and manufacturing Solar Mounting System including BIPV, ,RV, Roof, Carport, Caravan, Yatch, Boat, Motor home. In order to provide fast installation and secure solar mountings, Forthwill has released a series of top level PV mounting systes to the market. Forthwill not only provides top quality and innovative products but also provides timely delivery, top grade services and comprehensive solutions for our valued customers.


Forthwill has been manufacturing and selling high-quality solar mounting at competitive prices for over 15 years.

Our products include roof mounting system and motor home/caravans brackets mounting system. The solar panel mount brackets can be used with any aluminum framed solar panel to provide a secure fixing for motor home, vehicles, caravans, boats, outbuildings and more. The mounts will support the solar panel at the optimum height above the surface to enable aeration from underneath, ensuring the solar panel functions as efficiently as possible.

Owing to the quality product, competitive price, well-known brand and
superior service, Forthwill has been establishing a long-term, mutually
beneficial relationship and cooperation with worldwide partners. Forthwill will continue to service our client in a professional, confident and enthusiastic way, as well as create affordable value for solar energy and green architecture


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